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Writing Exercise - Associative Logic

Use associative logic in a narration a child tells to an adult. The child can be any age between five and ten. The story itself is a dramatic monologue. Don’t let us hear the adult’s questions or complaints about the anarchic nature of the story— ...

Writing Exercise - The Reluctant I

Write a first-person story in which you use the first-person pronoun (I or me or my) only two times— but keep the I somehow important to the narrative you’re constructing. The point of this exercise is to imagine a narrator who is less interested ...

Writing Exercise - Sleight Of Hand

Write a brief story in which the major event or action is obscured— or easily overlooked— because of a splashier, more visible event. Sleight of hand, or the French phrase leger de main, means crafty or light hand. The magician captures the attent...