Writing Exercises

I’ve been doing writing exercises off and on but never with a clear purpose in mind, just “write more". I recently read about a book called “3 A.M. Epiphany" which was chock full of exercises so I decided to pick it up. Boy am I glad I did. Not only is it full of different exercises but the author has several suggestions on what to do and how to actually use the exercises to get better.
This page will be used to link all of my exercises together as I post them to my site (for easy reference), but it’s also a glimpse into how to get better as a writer as well as some of the challenges that I faced with each exercise and what I learned.
I will probably repeat exercises so don’t be surprised by that (I’ll try and remember to note it when I do) and I’ll try and remember to provide the exercise number as well so that you can see what I did for a specific one.
Most of these will be from 3 A.M. but there might be a few in here that aren’t.

#80 Sleight Of Hand
#1 The Reluctant I
#51 Associative Logic