Day 5 of 30 Min Project 12/19/14

  • So, said last night that here’s what I needed to do:
    • Get at least one test written and running (not necessarily passing, but running)
  • We have a few controllers/endpoints we need to test
    • /token - gets a valid token for a logged in user
      • well, apparently i got something setup correctly as it runs my simple test :)
      • Getting a weird message that /token doesn’t exist :/
      • Ah, during my switch to convict I missed some settings stuff that was happening behind the scenes
      • Now, the only thing that isn’t being setup properly is the redis config stuff :/
    • /user - gets current user that is logged in via that token
Next steps:
  • Get redis config stuff figured out
  • Get first test to actually fail as it should because we’re trying to login a bad user
  • Then, figure out how we’re going to manage our test data