Hi there! First, welcome to my blog, site, whatever this thing is exactly.

I am a software developer by trade, and by inclination. I love making things and I love making things that others use. I’ve been doing software development since my dad bought me my first computer back in 1983. I got serious about doing it when the web was just getting going in 1998 and have been doing it professionally since then.

I’ve been writing for just about as long as that, since I was in middle school (and probably earlier if I remember correctly). In 2015 I decided to dive back into this whole writing thing again and make it a real focus of my life again. In July I decided to sit down and write a fresh novel, one that I hadn’t worked on before, about 8 weeks later I finished the rough draft of my first book, currently titled Artemus (this will undoubtedly change when I start the second draft).

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Current Works
Writing Exercises
These are all my writing exercises that I’ve done to date. Some of these might get turned into full blown stories at some point, but mostly they’re to help me become a better writer.
Artemus (1st draft completed)
"An Artificial Intelligence is loose on the internet, absorbing information and learning at a rapid pace. What will happen when it reaches every machine on the planet? Who, or what, will be able to stop it?"
Persephone (1st draft started)
Book #2 in the Artemus series
Janet Journals (starting soon)
A son finds his father’s journals that he kept secret for many years about his life as a pilot for the secret airline that traveled in and out of Area 51. What will they uncover? And will they put his son’s life in danger?
The Protectorate Universe
In this universe magic exists but it has unleashed powerful Daemons into the world. Those who control the Daemons control the world.
Solomon’s Lament (short story, 1st draft almost completed)